Saturday, October 20, 2012

Design Dilema Solved - Timber flooring

The problem to be solved is this: At the junction of the Lounge and Study the timber flooring stops and starts again, the Lounge floor is a couple of milimeters higher and the lines of the two floors don't align. The builders and flooring people were suggesting a brass strip which won't be aesthetically acceptable.

To solve this problem I've designed a timber strip with a chamfered edge, the chamfer is to avoid trip hazard
Now that it is stained you can hardly notice that the floors don't align.

Applying the solution again, this time at the hall and bathroom junction, the timber has broken away in bits over time and there is a gap in the floor between the timber and tiles.

(At this point we are not renovating the bathroom that will be stage two, so the lovely apricot tiles are staying for a while)

I've also noticed that flooring restorers only seem to offer red or yellow coloured stains but don't you love my chocolaty black stained floor.

These are example of why it pays to have access to an Interior Designer, say me during construction or renovation.


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