Friday, December 7, 2012

French Style Guest Room - building luxury in a tight space & budget

Bearing in mind long term plans to one day turn this bedroom into my dream formal dining room,  I want to keep construction costs to a minimum and do the most of the work with furnishings.  

 To create a new French style guest room my plan is to remove the old wardrobe, polish the floors and paint the walls and ceiling,  I won't restore the current windows or repaint them and I will stick with the original door giving it a fresh coat of paint and new hardware.   
To resolve the first mentioned issue of the bedroom's location off the kitchen I do have a space planning solution up my sleeve but I will detail that another post.

Plans for the French Style Guest Room are as follows.

Floor Plan or new Layout.


View 1 of new room layout

View  2 of new room layout


I would NOT recommend that clients squeeze an armoire into such a tight space.  However my guest room is temporary and I am prepared to live with the trade off between extra storage and spaciousness so I am including the armoire in the plan.  I have checked that the armoire door swings will not hit the bed. 

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