Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vive La France - My window planter is complete

Do you have a jigsaw? Great then lets make a window box!

I had these teak shutters custom made for the windows - I ordered them in March I will mention time and again that some bespoke items take time, however Chris and I knocked up the planter box in a day, well to be fair, I drew it and shopped for materials and Chris my carpenter did the rest.

Later that evening I found my other half outside laughing - He finds it amusing, says it looks like we live in France. Vive La France! I say.
Don't you just love geraniums in window boxes.

Now I'm just waiting on the black and white striped eye lid awning. Will keep you posted!


  1. Lovely work on your blog Nadine. Congratulations!!!

  2. It’s undeniable that an awning highlights a window. Just look at the second-to-the-last photo! Don’t the awnings make those windows look stylish? And just look at your own window! The planter box and the shutters absolutely make your window ‘rococo’ – which truly is a French thing. =D

    Marla Hinds

  3. Those are great samples of window awnings! The planter box is easy to build and is an inexpensive project. I only hope you didn’t skimp on the glue or nails, and that you provided small gaps between the boards for proper drainage – that would prove necessary if you decide to use real plants to decorate it. Whatever you decide to use, I think it’s going to make your window even lovelier in spring time.

    Herb Koguchi

  4. Hooray for France! I personally like the idea of being transported to the city of love through the magical touch of window shutters. Has the awning arrived yet? If it looks like these awnings you posted, then I can believe that you really live in France!

    Sandra Ludwig


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