Friday, November 16, 2012

French Style Guest Bed Room - Getting Started

















The renovation and decoration of this room starts with a few issues that need resolving.

1: it's location is off the kitchen which is not ideal.
2: it feels cold and dark.
3: it has a crumbling old built in wardrobe and carpet.

Bedroom is to the right off the kitchen

In the long term I would like to convert this room into a formal dining room which would better suit it's proximity off the kitchen and lounge room, and when this dream extension happens I will replace the windows with French doors and create the following dining room layout.

Formal Dining Room Layout


Until such a time, the room will continue as  bedroom and my design will meet the needs of our overnight  guests. 
I would like to bring out of storage a lovely bed crown I had purchased in France and a chandelier I bought to style an apartment, plus  I've always wanted a French sleigh bed hence  a Classic French Style guest bedroom will be the mission for this renovation.


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